April is C-section Awareness month.

I am a C-section Mama and let me tell you it was not easy.

My birth plan from the get go was to give natural birth though my partner always knew I would have to go the route of C-section.

For months into our pregnancy it seemed as if my hopes were going to come true. I had a wonderful pregnancy, I didn't carry too large, I had hardly any mood swings (not sure if everyone will agree with this one), energy for days, always hot (even through winter so much so that I would wake up in the middle of the night and place my burning hot feet on the ice cold floor). All in all our pregnancy was going well.

Baby was due on the 4th of September but on the 4th of August our gynecologist explained that she was frank breech and gave us up until the 20th of August for her to turn downwards.

Tuesday 7th of August I complained to a friend of mine that I had been under a lot of stress at work and had a huge altercation with a colleague. My stomach would tense up and I would feel sharp pains like my pelvic area was cracking open. My friend suggested we go to the hospital. I was hesitant but my partner agreed with her. When we finally got to the hospital after my reluctance and packing. The nurse came in to do a check and left the room to contact our gynecologist, when she returned we were told that I was to be kept for observation.

Wednesday 8th of August my gynecologist arrived and told me that my daughters heart rate was high, he administered antibiotics and said I would need to stay another night.

Thursday 9th of August, Women's Day, the gynecologist explained that her heart rate had dropped but the spikes kept happening regularly. He explained something could be wrong and said we would need to do emergency C-section within the next hour. I remember signing forms and calling my partner to get to the hospital. My partner reached hospital as they were wheeling me into the theater area. I went into the theater room alone at first and they gave me the epidural (I believed it would have been painful but I felt nothing). Once all preparation was done they called him in and he remained above my head with the camera ready. No sheet was put up and above me there was something metal that gave me a clear view of what they were doing.

I felt tugs. I heard no baby crying. The anesthetist told me that the baby came out feet first and that she had the cord around her neck. She was blue and was not crying. Our baby wasn't crying...they smacked her back a third time and that's when I heard a cheeky wail come from our baby. As they stitched me up, my partner went over to check on her. She was fine, a survivor! No need for ICU just some oxygen. I had our baby by my side the whole stay and I was walking the next morning.

C-section is definitely not the easy way out. It does not make us less of a woman to have gone down that path. We are warriors and we wear our scars with pride.

Lyreeq_ly speaking:

I have a battle scar

I battled between life and death

and life won

Her name is Azra-Rae'