For those of you who don't know me, I am a natty... what that basically means is i'm all about the natural hair life. I transitioned by slowly cutting all my relaxed hair off . Beginning of last year was when I cut off the last bit of relaxed hair, so i'm officially completely a natty. My daughter is also a natty.

For those of you who would like to follow the journey of being a natty and just don't know how to here are a few tips:

Growing out your natural hair is much easier than you would think it is. You can go about this two ways 1- Transitioning, this is where you slowly trim off bits of your relaxed, heat damaged hair until all that is left is your natural hair or you can opt for 2-the big chop, if you are brave enough to cut all that hair off then great the big chop is for you. (I have seen women rock it with their shaved heads)

Your hair texture should not be compared. You can get a more or less idea on what texture your hair is but it would never be fully accurate. I find that I have different hair textures in different places on my head and you may too, So please do not compare your hair texture. All hair texture is good, what really matters is a healthy head of hair. Some days your texture will agree with your routine and you will slay and other days you will wonder what went wrong. It happens, we learn and find ways to embrace even the bad hair days so do not be dismayed.

There is something called porosity. High porosity just means that your hair takes really well to moisture and retains it much easier than those who have low porosity. Do not be dismayed if you have low porosity as this can be managed and over time changed with routine and good product.

Ensure that your products is good for your hair and are free from parabens, sulphate, phthalates, petroleum and Mineral oil.... what I learnt is if it is good for my hair one of the first ingredients of the product will be Aqua/water.

What works for one persons hair may not work for another. Keep trying products until you find the right fit for you. I for one use different products from different brands and I am still to this day trying out different products.

Find a hair routine that works for you. I will post my different hair routines of different days for you in a later post.

Moisture is key. You can use the LCO or LOC method and see which works best for you. LCO method is liquid (water and water based product such as leave in conditioner), Cream( hair creams or light hair butter ), Oil( heavy hair oil such as castor oil ). LOC method is Liquid(Water and water based leave in conditioner), Oil( Light oils like coconut, Jojoba, olive) and then cream( Heavier cream such as shea butter). Note that there are different types of creams and oils used in the different methods due to which is best for the sealant factor of that particular method.

Find protective styles that suit you. Ones that are not tight at all especially through winter. I will post some protective styles you can try in a later post.

If you are going to do your hair at a salon make sure the person understands not to pull on your hair, braids or any hairstyle should not hurt. Take it from me someone who was brought up with the saying " You must suffer for beauty". You do not have to suffer sister. I have found a few wonderful stylist who do not hurt me when they do my hair and in turn my edges don't suffer and my hair doesn't fall out as much anymore. Find someone that won't hurt you, it is possible.

Shrinkage is real.

Buy the correct tools, its an investment but it will really do you good. Tools such as:

*Satin bonnet/silk scarf to sleep with. I wont lie I slack in this department but this really helps your hair have less breakage while you sleep and also stops your hair from being stripped of its moisture.

*De-tangling brush. this is great to use on your wet conditioned hair to get all those knots out. you brush from the ends and work your way to the roots. I also use my fingers to de-tangle for less breakage.

*Spray bottle. This help to moisturize your hair when needed.

*Wide tooth comb. For sectioning hair when necessary.

Fun tools to have but not entirely necessary:

*Scalp massager brush. This is great for when you are shampooing your hair, it is great with helping with clarifying the scalp and stimulating growth.

lastly do not overthink this, do what you feel works best for your hair and what feels right to your hair.

All the best on your hair journey. If you have any questions you are welcome to email me on