This year I learnt about forgiveness...

2020 has been a year of much pain, lessons and growth. This year I learnt a thing or two about forgiveness. Forgiveness of self, I needed to forgive myself for my short comings, for my trauma, for letting emotions get to me, for allowing myself to reach levels that were not me and for feeling like I had no purpose and letting my overthinking take charge over who I am.

Forgiveness of others, because this year has showed me that even the closest people to you will hurt you and let you down but no matter the pain, no matter the level of betrayal I had to forgive them not for them but for me. You see there is a freedom that comes with that type of forgiveness. It also allowed me to find inner peace and remain calm through it all. My perspective of people has changed, I hold zero grudges and move on with the flow of life and the purpose it has for me.

As I step into the new year I do so anewed. Fluid in my ways and solid in my spirit.

To all that read this may you step into a wonderful new year with much purpose and love. Grow and glow...

Lyreeq_ly speaking

It's all love 💖