Happy new year to you all. Here's hoping that it is a blessed one with many triumphs over adversities and many happy moments as opposed to sad ones.

My New year began with my little family, love and prayer.

We are about a week into 2021 and I am so enthusiastic about the future and the opportunities it will present. I'm ready for the open doors, the answered prayers and miracles that are to come my way. I am ready for the obstacles that I will overcome gracefully and I'm ready to give this year the full potential, full light and full abilities of Me.

I have began with a digital vision board that I downloaded and have jotted down my goals for this year. I don't believe in resolutions much but goal setting is my thing. I believe that jotting down things makes it more real to me and everything jotted down has a deadline of which I jot down on my block calendar. It makes me feel empowered. What things do you do to start the new year?

So far this year is streaming in abundance for me and I am so thankful. This year I do hope to blog more and inspire many more people. I also have exciting news that has to do with this blog and assure you it is to the benefit of those who read it and support me. Big things are coming. I hope you guys are ready...

P. S I start on my journey of fitness, I start gym today... Leg day let's get it 🦵🏼

Lyreeq_ly speaking

May the new year bring you hope

May you go through things in which you can cope

And may the divine energy in you remain dope