Yesterday 7th June(first Sunday of the month) was international Cancer survivors day... Due to this I felt I needed to write a post honoring these fighters as cancer really hits very close to home.

To start to my sweet friend Amanda Yeni, my poetry pal, my fellow smurfette and keeper of my secrets, today I want to honor you on your journey. The path that had been chosen for you has not been an easy one but you have fought with much strength, courage and tenacity. You are a warrior, a brave soul who has conquered and fought the good fight against cancer. Your scars are your battle wounds which will always be a reminder of how far you have come and how you are one of the strongest people to walk this earth. I admire you for all that you are and all that you have become and I am thankful to be blessed with you in my life, blessed with more years to come as you have held on strong. Never forget who you are warrior girl, never forget that you are seen in all of your wholeness.

To those who have battled in this war and won, I honor you and your fighting spirit may it continue to inspire many and may you be seen in the brightest light that could ever shine.

With that said I just would like to honor the fallen soldiers as well. Cancer may have won the battle but your spirit will forever live on in the memories that remain ingrained on every soul you touched.

One of the fallen soldiers that I would like to honor is my grandmother Erica June Mtshali, as today is her birthday and I would like to honor the loving, strong-willed, fearless woman that she was. A woman who poured her heart and soul into me and made sure that this flower would grow. This woman made it through so many trials, she touched the souls of many and always gave even if it was her last. Her heart was pure and sadly lost her battle to cancer in 2014. I lost a huge part of me on that day, a part of me that I have searched and cannot find ever again. I never just lose a grandmother, I lost a mother. May your soul rest in peace forever more and I hope you having a party up there dancing and singing like I remember you. Today is a hard day but I live on to make you nothing but proud.

Lyreeq_ly speaking

After pen is put to paper and everything has finally been said‌‌There's just one last thing that needs to escape from the living to the dead and that is: Love doesn't die even though people do.‌‌In my heart that's where I will forever hold you.

The other fallen soldiers that I miss and remember:

My godmother: Aunty Shireen & Aunty Vanessa. ❤️