When you stay feeling like you dragging yourself along, it can be very exhausting.

I refuse to be defeated by the negativity that looms over me. I'm doing my best to manifest and vibrate higher than any pain, sadness or darkness. The energy in me recognises that I need to radiate positive thoughts and vibrations in order for the universe to conspire and manifest positivity in my life. Its not the easiest change to make but I'm putting in the effort. I find myself laughing more through the exhaustion. I find myself consciously shaking off a bad vibe, sadness or depressive moment alot faster than before and for those small progresses I clap and celebrate the evolution of who I am becoming.

Lyreeq-ly speaking

My Body, mind and heart are exhausted but my souls screams fight on.

When there's nothing but darkeness in sight you got to realise that YOU are the light.