This week has been about many things. I stood in the midst of all that I was, am and can be. I reviewed lessons learnt, growth that still needs to happen and the becoming of the me I want to be. It has been about moving on from what doesn't serve my energy with positivity

I moved into a new flat this week and boy did the drama begin from the onset, from mixed up flats to unpacking and being moved around, to paint fumes and high frustrations. It has been nothing short of exhausting but I remained resilient and kept my positivity up and found gratitude in every thing. For every negative I found a positive. I am rewiring my brain from constantly thinking of what could go wrong to thinking about what could go right. I am using the power of manifestation to stop bad from overflowing from my cup and instead have good pour itself out abundantly and it is paying off.

I am content and grateful for all the good that has flowed this week as tired as I am. 😊

Lyreeq-ly speaking

I affirm...

I am blessed

I am content

I have abundance overflowing

I am resilient