It pains me to see how easy it is to take a life....

As murderers, rapists and paedophiles get to walk the streets innocent kids are being killed by the same people that are called to protect us. The same people who took an oath to serve and protect.

We as a nation can't breathe because we are mother's, father's sister's, brother's... Wondering if we will all make it home every night. Wondering if it will be us next, if our faces will hit the media and be forgotten within a month or two.

I am tired of this being the 'norm'. I am tired of us constantly being robbed of time and lives. A life was taken, a light put out... Our nation was robbed of their future. Nathaniel was the future. He was a beacon of light to the people who loved him and just like that he was taken....murdered for enjoying a biscuit.

We are tired!!!! Black lives matter!!! coloured lives matter!!! Human race matters!!! We are not only in a battle of the colour of our skin but also in a battle for humanity because how do you kill someone and still lead a normal life?

Lyreeq-ly speaking...

Mr policeman

‌‌I hope his blood stains your hands

‌‌I hope when you close your eyes you see his eyes‌‌

I pray that when you sit down for peace you are haunted by the sound of him playing.‌‌

I hope your memory is marked with his name for forever‌‌

I hope you feel his familys pain over and over again until it drives you insane.

‌‌And I hope you feel his spirit down your spine daily‌‌ so that his death be not in vain.