After my last Fridays check in, my soul knew what it needed for the rest of the weekend and the universe conspired to make it happen. I reconnected with old friends and really felt warmth shining in on me. I watched a series which left me relaxed and with plenty of laughter and on Sunday I relaxed in bed as much as I could which helped recharge my energy for the new week. Im starting to really enjoy my own company again. I also enjoy the precious moments between my daughter and I. My heart is happy and I'm thankful for that.

This weeks check in.

I feel... Loved, blessed and whole.

I need... To find ways to heal physically as my toe hasn't healed since I broke it in April.

I forgive... Myself for the hard time I tend to give myself.

I celebrate... Love and stability.

I release... Any blocked up stress and negative thoughts.

I trust... In myself and my capabilities.

I am grateful for... Bonds that never break and love that never ends.

I affirm... That I am deserving of love and happiness.