Inner turmoil has been my current situation. Searching for validation from others, asking them to verify if certain opinions about me are true...

Wait, stop! what are you doing?... scavenging around looking for validation of your worthiness as if you are a scavenger. hold up!

I sit and wonder where all my self love has gone, that someones words can send my entire world crumbling. I have sat with friends before advising them on how other peoples opinions of them should never rock their world as they should be so grounded in who they are that they can take opinions with a pinch of salt but here I am breaking at the words of another which is not necessary my truth but their perception, a mere opinion.

You see the thing about scavenging for validation is that you will remain hungry. You have to nourish yourself from within if you have any chance of survival. I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me and in terms of self love, my identity, I have reached rock bottom. Rock bottom is the place I will rest but not stay as I am currently exhausted, rock bottom is the place where I will lay down the foundation for my build up. Self love is imperative to us all and without it we are shells. I will be back to the grounded person I once was.

Still I rise...

Lyreeq_ly speaking

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes

Through all my highs and all my lows

Out with negativity as positivity flows

I am goddess....cant you see how my aura glows?